Persona: developer working with datasets


Ygo Mornaf, developer

  • Age: 28
  • Preferred title: they
  • Occupation: member of a non profit dedicated to Open Data services
  • Experience: two years
  • Education: self taught
  • Challenges: introvert
  • Online location: Work, Home, Mobile

How will Ygo interact with

Referrer: a client of their employer
Introduction touchpoint: home page

  • Questions:
  • Where is the list of MEP of the French national assembly?
  • What is the format of the data?
  • How frequently is the data updated?
  • What is the meaning of the Mandat field?
  • Reasons to return:
  • The format of the list of MEP file changed and importing it fails
  • The client asks for additional datasets such as the Dossiers Legislatifs
  • The client requires the data to be processed and reading the documentation is necessary to figure out if the required fields are available

Who influences Ygo?

  • Their fellow developers working with datasets
  • The clients of their employer
  • Their colleagues

Ygo’s situation

  • Goals/Motivation
  • Seamlessly extracting and publishing data
  • Quickly grasping where is what and how to use it
  • Self contained problems
  • Frustration and pain points
  • Forseeable problems that are not fixed in advance
  • Bugs
  • Frequent manual maintenance

Keywords: software, automation, maintenance, data processing, tests, SLA

Ygo’s story

After graduating in sociology, Ygo worked during a few years for a
government agency analyzing the data generated from polls and studies
in the field. Over time they learned to create software to help with
the analysis and produce results that their employer could grasp.

After moving to a non profit dedicated to Open Data, they got the
opportunity to learn more about development and improve their tools.
The primary challenge was to cope with a large variety of data and
format. Nowadays most of Ygo’s work consists of maintaning services
which publish data fetched from various sources. The data are
transformed and tailed to the client needs.