Developer epic: update data from

As a developer I need to update my local copy of the Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV dataset daily so that the web page displaying the progress of a law being discussed is up-to-date.

User stories and acceptance criteria

  • I need to figure out how get updates for Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV so that my local copy is up-to-date. Ensure I’m able to:
  • I need to understand the release process of the schema of Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV so that I can plan for software upgrades. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find the schema from the same page I used to download the data
    • Find the schema release management policy from the home page
    • Understand that schema versioning changes the major version when it is not backward compatible (MAJOR.MINOR)
  • I need to get notifications when the schema of Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV changes in a non-backward compatible way so that I know to update my software accordingly. Ensure I’m able to:
  • I need to understand the changes introduced by a new schema release so that I can implement them in my software. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find the release notes matching for new schema release when I’m notified
    • Find the release notes for all schema releases from the home page
  • I need to discuss with other human beings when I’m stuck with a bug following an update so that I can find the root cause of the bug. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find a link to the forum
    • Search for similar bug
    • Post a message to report the bug or ask for advice
    • Get an answer within a few days
  • I need to browse the schema modification history and the data modification history when an update fails so that I can understand which change is likely to have caused the problem. Ensure I’m able to:
1 J'aime

Some developers prefer an API, at least for some usages. It ensures that the data are always up to date. Its also doable using git pull, but it is more complex and why do a git pull when only a small part of the data are needed.

Yes, but this is out of scope for, see the API and visualisation are not used by developers part of the user research report.