Developer epic: understand data from

As a developer I need to understand the structure and the meaning of the information included in the Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV dataset so that I can implement a web page displaying the progress of a law being discussed similar to what the national assembly web site does.

User stories and acceptance criteria

  • I need to explore the content of Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV and guess what it means based on a few examples. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Identify the top level unit of a dataset (i.e. dossiers includes a document and not vice versa)
    • Guess that the field actesLegislatif represents one step in the law making process
    • Figure out the URL that can be built with titreDossier.titreChemin and display it
    • Guess that the field titreDossier.titre field matches the title of the national assembly web site does.
  • I need a reference documentation for Dossiers_Legislatifs_XV so that I can understand the meaning of actesLegislatif. Ensure I’m able to:
  • I need to discuss what is unclear so that I can get help from humans when the documentation is lacking. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find a link to an appropriate discussion forum
    • Post a message asking for clarification
    • Get an answer within a few days
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Ideally, a developer would like to know how some features on a web page are done, see the data and/or API used, see the source code etc, to be able to quickly redo it differently or improve it or…

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I do not understand how it relates to this epic. Would you be so kind as to explain with examples?