Developer epic: get data from

As a developer I need to download datasets from and write a software to process it so that the requirements defined by a user are fulfilled.

User stories and acceptance criteria

  • I need to explore the list of available datasets and read their description so that I can figure out which one I need. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find the list of datasets from the home page
    • Make sense of the description associated with each dataset
    • Identify the one I need
    • Check the last modification date
    • Download the dataset on my computer
    • Explore the content of the dataset on my computer
  • I need to find the licensing terms under which the datasets are available so that I know if they match the intended usage and redistribution. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Find a link to the licensing terms on the home page
    • Understand if the licensing terms allow redistribution
  • I need to understand the format the datasets so that I can write a function to load them for processing. Ensure I’m able to:
    • Figure out the format of the dataset before downloading it
    • Load the dataset with a library that is universaly available
    • Verify the format of the dataset once it is downloaded on my computer
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Before using such a dataset I also would need to know when it was updated, when it will be updated and what is the update process.

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Good point, the topic was updated accordingly.

Right and this is part of the update data from epic.