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Hi @UX,

In the spirit of focusing on what the user needs and not the product, I propose we prepare our research regarding the project starting with:

  • Initial idea. Redistribute data published by the French national assembly to developers
  • Meaningful activity connected to it. Writing a web application that displays aggregated information about the law making process updated daily
  • How and why ? Developers use a web service distributing the raw data from the national assembly to extract the information to be aggregated on a regular basis because it changes daily

There are users willing to participate in this research and they answered the interview designed for developers working with data sets. The invitation email explains what tricoteuses and the research is about. There are only five interviews but a small number of participants is fine.

Although we could gather more data, the five interviews we have are enough because the service is simple and it is our first user research as a group.

The @UX team members got together for an affinity mapping based on the interviews. The outcome is the following list of emerging themes. They are a window to the mental model of the participants.

  • Documentation
  • Formats
  • Cleanup
  • Modification history
  • Visualisation

The additional material available (in addition to the interviews and emerging themes) is:

The final step is to communicate the results from which a UI prototype can be built and tested.

What do you think ?

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